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Slow Children Classic Thong

Think those classic "Slow Children" signs are warning drivers to go slow? Actually, it's warning drivers to watch out for slow children. Like this kid who didn't quite make it onto the sign in time...

Our thong is made for strutting! Perfect for any type of low rise pants, these panties from American Apparel are made to fit low. Combed cotton baby rib with an exclusive high end woven trim makes these panties look and feel like no other. 100% combed cotton baby rib.
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Slow Children

I've seen a lot of parodies of the classic "Slow Children" (or "Slow Children At Play") signs, but they all seem to equate "slow" with "retarded" or "stupid". Well, I'm a bit more literal minded than most, I guess, and to me these signs always conjured up an image of a kid who just wasn't fast enough to actually make it all the way on in time....

Slow Children Classic Thong

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