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The Goonies T-Shirts & Gifts

An '80s adventure that still inspires fans today to say "never say die!" Original and official fan-designed gear for fellow fans and fellow Goonies.

A bunch of kids from Astoria have an adventure, and a classic movie is born. If you ever wanted to be one of the Goonies, never say die. This fun fan design for Goonies lovers is a good start.
A heart with a signature skull inside makes up part of this design for fans of The Goonies. If you ever wanted to have an adventure right in your own back yard, the Goonies are for you.
The four main young Goonies are named here using their nicknames. Mikey and his friends Chunk, Mouth and Data had an adventure in their Astoria neighborhood that created memories to last a lifetime.
A group of young adventurers needs a slogan, and Never Say Die is a pretty good war cry. The Goonies had an adventure of a lifetime as kids, and still today fans use the catchphrase Never Say Die to invoke the Goonies spirit.